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    BOSI game
      Discover your unique entrepreneurial profile and build an optimal startup team. Are you a Builder, Opportunist, Specialist or Innovator? This game is based on Joe Abraham's concept of Entrepreneurial DNA and may be used to assess strategic styles of leadership and help identify members for a productive team.
    • SKILLS: Networking, Self-assessment, Collaboration
    • $34.99 plus shipping
    • Up to 98 players
    • Read the Rules


    STACKS Game cards
      Experience Customer Acquisition Cost and Lifetime Value--both essentials of running a profitable business. Keep your costs as low as possible to be the first to market while your competition struggles. Knowing when to end the game to your advantage is the real trick.
    • SKILLS: Strategy and Math
    • $33.99 plus shipping
    • 3 to 6 players per deck
    • STACKS Rules


    V2V Logo
      Flex your Creative and Persuasive muscles as you pitch new business ideas to investors. This fast-action game involves combining unrelated words into new product ideas to receive funding from an angel investor.
    • SKILLS: Creative Thinking, Persuasive Speech, integration of Design and English Language.
    • Starter Edition $46.99 plus shipping - Cards and Play Money for up to 6 players.
    • Economy Edition $19.99 plus shipping - Cards only--you-print play money is available as a download. Up to 7 groups of 5 players can play using one deck of cards.
    • 10 Player Expansion Pack $12.99 plus shipping - Purchase enough play money for ten more players pack -- perfect for classroom learning! Use the deck that comes with the Starter Edition.
    • V2V Rules

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      Discover how to turn your vision into value for a customer. This game requires matching value propositions to what end users really want.
    • SKILLS: Strategic thinking about creating value, Value Proposition choices, pivoting.
    • For six players or teams
    • 148 cards, 60 game tokens