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PharmStat IMSA IN2 Polio eradication. Looking for an applicant with strong math, science, and reasoning skills. Interests in engineering, industrial design, chemistry, biology, or geo-politics are all applicable. Jason Orloff
VisMed3D Chicago, Matter New product research Dima Elissa
luvtalk 1871 Looking for technical experience in wordpress or swift Gwen
Chicago Toy & Game Week 1871 Create profile pages for toy and game inventors, develop marketing strategy based on research Mary Couzin
AutoPair 1871 technical development intern and marketing communications intern Ken Koger
CourseStars Remote, Aurora development, coding, design, market research, social media management Jill Ko
ChoreRelief 1871 marketing - social media, analytics, data collection Tarik Khribech
Enovation Partners Chicago, 1871 co-author Wikipedia (energy industry), help implement a new CRM Linda Zabors
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